Study in Singapore - Expense and Time will be Saved

Cost and Time is saved when studying in Singapore

Generally, Singapore is famous for Management courses which is now providing courses in several departments. Before 6 years, the foreign students count in Singapore is 70,000. But that count has increased as 1,00,000 at the end of 2009. Now the target is fixed as increasing that count as 1,50,000 in the coming year 2015.

Innovative Projects

According to the changing global economic environment, several new courses are provided. For Example,  The Singapore Institute of Management,  is providing  the 4 years Bachelor’s course on Culture, System and Social behaviour . Moreover , National University of Singapore (NUS) is providing the 4 years course in English language , single major B.A(Honours).
B.B.A (Accounting) which is a 5 years course, is  one  among the famous courses provided in Singapore.NUS , Department of Finance and BBA(Honours) at the department of New Media is providing double degree course.
Nanyang University of Singapore is providing several Engineering courses which are most preferred by the International students. Apart from these, courses like B.A(Economics), B.E(Electrical and Electronics)are provided by the Engineering college  and Anthropology and Social Sciences educational institutions .


In the past years , Singapore has been made in increasing the foreign university campuses. So the courses provided by that kind of universities will be provided in less fees compared to their home country . In an average, the foreign degree obtained from Singapore is  available with 20% lesser material expenses. At the same time , it the depends on the course and the college.
For Example, Considering James Cook University which is based Australia , on an average , for the Bachelor’s degree, the expense is 40,000 Singapore dollars and for the Master’s degree it is 28,000 dollars.
Moreover the time is also being saved. Because, if we take M.B.A course, in Australia and Canada it will be from 1.5 years to 2 years . At the same time, In Singapore it will be for 1 year.

Job oppurtunities

According to Singapore, the students who are studying full time in the Universities , Polytechnics and other educational institutions are only allowed to do Part time jobs. Though work permit is not necessary, they are allowed to work only for 16 hours per week.
A student can apply for Employment Pass in the Ministry of Human Resource after finishing the studies. But for doing that, the inprinciple approval of the job opportunity should be obtained from the company. One can apply for the Employment pass only of he/she is getting a salary of 2,500 Singapore dollars level.


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