Foreign Clinical Studies – Some Guidances

Foreign clinical studies – some Guidances

Though it is not a great deal to go abroad for medical courses, after returning back to India and to work as a doctor it is necessary to think about writing the screening test. That exam is being very complicated is general  opinion . Eventhough some are passing in that exam , so many  are not able to do even after trying much is the current situation.

Less Fees

The important reason why students like to go abroad for studying medicine is lesser fees. The students who have not got seat in the government medical college , to avoid higher fees charged in this country, for completing the bachelor’s degree they are preferring to go to Russia, China and Georgia like countries.
In some private medical colleges in India, till 1 crore is charged. Moreover the students are not able to clear the entrance examination through which medical college seat will be available. So the only conclusion for them is foreign clinical course. In Hungary, Poland, Russia, Zimbabwe like countries the cost of studies will end up within Rs. 20 lakhs.

No Entrance Examination

Several foreign medical colleges are giving admission for the students based on their 12th standard marks and also with their English fluency. A separate Entrance examination is not conducted. In some places , in science and English subjects minimum 65% marks is enough is the stage.

China brings cheer

In the past , for the Indian students , Russia and east European countries were the medical courses target. But now the Indian students going to china is becoming more.

In china , along with 1.76 million students , 280 medical college institutions are being operated. In the past 2010 , minimum 8000 Indian students joined in china medical educational institutions is given by a sensex.

Screening Examination

After finishing foreign medical studies the graduates who are coming back to India , the examination which is conducted in order to give permission for carrying forward the doctor profession  is FMGE Foreign Medical Graduate Examination. This Examination was introduced by the Indian Medical council in the past 2002. According to this , If anyone who wish to register temporarily or permanently in the Indian medical council or any of the state medical council after finishing medical course in any of the foreign countries , the student has to pass in the above examination is mandatory.

Through this, the concerned person’s knowledge and skills will be tested. If a foreign graduate wants to write this entrance examination, the medical college he studied should be a recognized one by the relevant country’s government and also must be in the World Health Organization directory list.

Clearing the Examination

This Examination is conducted twice in a year, in Delhi, National Examination centre. Totally 300 marks for this exam which is conducted in English. 100 marks for Pre and para- clinical subjects and 200 marks for Para clinical subjects will be allotted.

To pass in this exam one should score minimum 50% .One who have passed this exam can apply for MCI or state medical council post either it is  permanent or temporary.

Beware the fake universities

The study is important : Before joining a foreign university ,  check whether that is approved by that government and whether it is in the WHO list. Also check with the Indian embassy in the relevant country.
Old student: You can also check with the old student of the university where you wish to  study regarding the quality of education, syllabus, qualification of the teachers and also about infrastructure.

Fake consultants

According to the foreign medical colleges , there is no demand for the fake consultants. They may put you anywhere for money. In some countries, there will be 3 medical colleges in one campus. so being precautious is your responsibility.

Large Educational Institutions

Even if the Universities all over the world invite foreign students for their college courses, getting seat in Harward, oxford and Cambridge universities are very difficult. Observation about their practices and strategies are very important. To seat in those colleges you need to write MCAT Entrance examination.


A student wishing to enroll in clinical studies ,is to be checked whether he is able  to solve the problem , about his technical thinking, writing skills, scientific knowledge and whether he is matured enough for clinical studies. For checking all these this exam is conducted. Almost all the American institutes are expecting MCAT exam scores from the foreign students.

Foreign studies – Job in India
Some who have finished medicine course in foreign ,wish to work in India. There are two reasons for this. Because of Indian population is more , there will be chances of handling different kinds of patients and they can improve their knowledge through this, is the first reason . The second reason is the language problem and the citizenship.
Some are marrying the foreigners for foreign citizenship. This kind of incidents are also happening.


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