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Eventhough there are totally 8 universities in NewZealand, Lincoln university is the most familiar university for Agricultural course. Several types of agricultural courses are provided in a broader way in this university. This university is providing these kind of courses with the participation of country’s leading agricultural experts.

Courses offered by Lincoln University

Bachelor’s courses
Certification Courses
Those who are not able to join the university and before joining the university some pupil will think about studying something , for those pupil this certification courses are introduced.
Diploma courses
This courses are offered for some particular subjects.
Degree courses
For growing with the improvement in the department you like and for joining the areas of interest this degree courses are being provided.
Master’s courses
Honors Degrees
Those who have achieved well in studies, for completing their fourth year course this course is being provided.
Master’s degree and Degree certificates and Diploma courses
This type of courses are provided for developing your skills and knowledge in your interesting subjects. You can develop your knowledge in the degree already you have got.
Master’s Degrees
Develop the study article in your interesting field. This is the highest qualification before the Doctorate degree course.
Doctorate Degree Course
The Doctorate degree courses are provided for the courses in which Master’s degree courses are available. This is an additional 3 years course.
Eventhough this university is providing several types of courses in several departments , this is specially famous for Agricultural department courses.
Courses offered by this university
Agricultural courses
The Agricultural course provided by Lincoln university is famous worldwide and it is compensating the global necessities. Through this food-related environments, a wide knowledge of international trade and market issues are available for you.
Study system
Bachelor’s course of Agriculture is for 3 years. At the same time, If you wish to do specialization or honors course, join in Bachelor of Agriculture course. Because this is 4 years course.
This two types of courses, are having the required practical features and this require 39 weeks recognized practical works.
What are your lessons?
Particular major lessons are not in this two types of courses. But in many aspects for developing your knowledge and skills  in particular, farm management, soil science, plant science and animal science like departments this courses are being helpful.
In each of the above mentioned department, current research and their applications in a wide knowledge are available for you.
Doing Agricultural science course in Lincoln university means you are learning Agricultural course from the experts of NewZealand and from best knowledgeable persons. Crop Research , grazing land, relationship between crops and environment, insecticides and disease control, animal nutrition, molecular biology, soil and environmental quality and research in many fields are available in this university.
Alternative courses
If you are not able to do full time studies or if you are not interested in doing that , you have some alternatives. Those are,
Agricultural diploma, diploma in farm management like courses are there. Moreover, if you are interested in Agricultural business, you can go ahead with Bachelor of Commerce(Agriculture).
For more details about this, visit the websites and
Bachelor of Business studies (Commerce –
The B.Com course provided by Lincoln University is practical oriented and it is having some special features. This course is having wide range of features. This is making you to keep your foot with courage in the business field.
Accounting, Agriculture, Commerce, Business Management, Economics, Finance, Hotel Management, Personal major, International trade, Marketing and Supply chain Management like several features are in this curriculum.

Additional Major or Minor
This Additional major or minor courses like Human Resource Management, Sustainable Business, Tourism Management, Event Management, Operation Management  can be done when doing a main course itself .
For more details about all these visit the website,
Your Lessons
There are 24 lessons in this course and each lesson is like providing basic knowledge and skill.
Alternative courses
If you are interested in Full time courses, there are Cerification course in Business and diploma courses are there.
For more details about Business course, visit the website, and
Bachelor of Business in Agriculture
In the NewZealand’s total export Income, 40% is obtained from Agriculture and things related to this university is giving importance for Agriculture and courses related to it.
This is a 3 years course. you should have passed  24 subjects and you need to have gained 39 weeks of recognized job experience in a company related to agriculture. Moreover, Farm Management, Horticulture Management and rural rating like special courses are provided.
Additional Major and Minor Courses
During the abstraction degree, in this department, Marketing , supply chain Managem ent, Environemental management and Tourism and plant science like Additional majors and minor courses can also be done.
For more details about these courses visit the website,
In this Agricultural Business course, animals , plants, horticulture and soil science including several sectors are there. Among these you can select your own choice.
Moreover, there are several courses like farm management practices and farm management analysis and planning, estate development and investment, Horticulture Systems, Horticulture Management, Horticulture Management Analysis, rural assessment, building construction, land economics, property laws and Resources Management Act as specialization courses.
Apart from these, Agriculture and diploma in Farm Management and diploma in Horticultural management like short term courses are also there.
For details about these courses, visit the website, and
Bachelor of Business degree in Food Industry
As the features in the above mentioned courses, there are several features in this also. Additional majors and minors are also available.
For details about these, visit the website
In this department, certification and diploma courses are available as short term courses. Apart from this , in addition to the main course, auxiliary courses can also be added.
Bachelor of Business course in Assessment and asset management
In this sector, short term courses and auxiliary courses are available.
Apart from these, with the same features,
Bachelor’s course in Environmental management and planning
Bachelor of science course
Bachelor of Landscape and Architecture
Bachelor’s course in sports and hobby management
Bachelor’s course in social science
Bachelor’s course in software and Information Technology
Bachelor’s course in Tourism Management
Bachelor’s degree in viticulture and wine production
Diploma course in Agriculture and farm management
Diploma courses in Horticulture and Horticulture Management
Like several types of bachelor’s course and diploma courses are available. For details about all these visit the websites, and and
Online courses
Those who left break after the school studies and those who went for job in the middle of studying , for such people to continue their higher studies this kind of online courses are being helpful.
Those are ,
Certification in Foundation course
Certification course for the university preparation
Certification course in Business and Natural resources
Like several courses are available.
For more details about these visit the websites, and
English Training
Many pupil may not be fluent enough in English like studying in foreign universities. Lincoln university is providing several kinds of training courses for those pupil.
For details about these courses, visit the website
Student Exchange Program
Student Exchange Programme is also available in this university. As per that, students studying in other universities which is in contract with this university  will be given facilities for studying in Lincoln university for 1 or 2 semesters. These students need to pay the fees as per they will pay in their own university. Apart from this no fees is need to be paid.
For more details about this visit the website,
For details about applying for Lincoln university, visit the website
While studying in this university the accommodation facility details are very important. For details about  that visit the website,
In Lincoln university several types of scholarships are provided for the students. For details about these, visit the website ,
In this university , a proper transportation for students, Job assistance, training programme, Library, restaurants, golf play grounds including several facilities are there.
For all details about Lincoln University, visit the website,


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