Waikato University

Waikato University
This Waikato University is situated in a best environment. This university is providing equal importance for both Students education and social activities. According to the calculation of past 2010, from 70 countries around the world totally 1800 students studied here.
In this university,
Arts and social science Department
Computing and Mathematical science Department
Education Department
Law Department
Science and Engineering Department
Management Department
Are the 6 types of departments available.
Moreover in the particular 10 subjects, This university is being very popular. Those are,
Accounting and Financing
Communication, Journalism and Media courses
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
Management, Human Resource, Industrial relations and trade
Music , Literature arts and other types of arts
Computer science, Information Technology, Communication science
Molecular, Cellular and total Biological features
Pure and Applied Mathematics
This university is being very popular in NewZealand for studying Management related courses.
According to NewZealand Education System, Papers represent the subjects we study. For completing a subject a student should have involved in several kinds of Lectures, Tutorials and in some practical works. Every paper is having points. A point represents 10 hours of work. So, for getting 30 paper points, a student should work for 300 hours. An Academic year’s full time job is having 120 points.
Courses in Waikato University
In this university, in several stages, in several departments, several courses are being provided. Those are,
In Business operations, accounting is being a common feature. Financial control, Decision making, aspects of legal process and leadership skills , with all these features , this accounting feature has got much importance.
Agricultural Business
This Agricultural Business is related to all the operations of Agricultural department. For selecting this profession , it is required to improve the skill and knowledge related to the management and economic operations related to this Agricultural department.
Courses related to America
In the course related to America which is provided by this university includes not only America, Starting from North America’s Canada till the parts of Sili country. The History related to the countries involved , Culture, Literature and Politics related features will be there.
Asian Courses
This course is studying about Asia’s Fashion, Culture, Economics, History, Society, Government, Geography, International relations and politics like features .
Apart from these, Anthropology, Bio Chemical Engineering, Bio Chemistry, Biological Science, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Chinese, SeaBank Science, Computer graphic design, Computer science, Creativity practices, Creativity Technology, Architectural Media, Global science, Environmentalism, Economy, Education related courses, Electronical Engineering, Electronics, English, Innovative courses, Environmental planning, Environmental science, Theoretical research, Finance related courses, French, Genetics, Geography, German, Health Promotion Policy, History, Hospitality Management, International Management, International Relations, Security Studies, Japanese, employee Studies, Law , Linguistics, Management and Longstanding, Management Communications, Management systems, Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political science, Population studies, Psychology, Public Policy, Public relations, Religious related courses, Social policy, Social work, Sociology, Social science research, Software Engineering, Spanish, Sports, Entertainment Studies, Statistics, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Teaching, Tourism, women and Gender studies, like so many courses .. To know more visit the website, http://www.waikato.ac.nz/study/
Accomodation Facilities
In Waikato University, totally 4 accomodation facilities are available. Those are College Hall, Bryant Hall, Student Village and Orchard Park. Totally in these 1000 beds are available. At the same time all are separate rooms. Rooms cannot be shared with others. For a foreign student it is better to stay in the university’s campus.
Because Students can participate easily in several programmes including Art festivals, Ceremonies. Apart from this, Students will get the contacts of other students easily.
Most of the students who are staying in the university accommodation will be first year students. In this, places are less and so everyone cannot get the accommodation. Prioritization is given for those who are applying earlier and for those who are joining for the entire academic year.
For more details about the accommodation facilities for the students who are studying in this university, visit the website www.waikato.ac.nz/living,www.waikato.ac.nz/sasd/accom/accom.shtml and www.studentrent.co.nz
For details about home appliances visit the website, www.trademe.co.nz
Course Fees
Several fees are collected for the diploma course, bachelor’s and master’s course and research courses provided by this university. For more details about this fees visit the website, http://www.waikato.ac.nz/study/money/
Education Scholarship
Several types of scholarships are provided for studying in this Waikato university. New Zealand Development Scholarship, New Zealand International Doctoral Research scholarship, New Zealand International bachelor’s fees scholarship, Commonwealth scholarship, Chinese student bank loan plan, sir Edmund Hillary scholarship, Birenlo memorial scholarship, Brainsmith memorial 499/599 scholarship, Gain tonet memorial scholarship, M.P.M. life expenses scholarship, American Financial assistance like several scholarships are provided. For more details about this visit the website, http://www.waikato.ac.nz/study/money/scholarships.shtml
Student Health Facilities
In this university, student Hygienic centres, Counselling and Grace Network, Service centres for the students with disability, students learning grace centers including several features are there. For more details about these visit the wbsite http://www.waikato.ac.nz/contacts/


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