Germany Attracts International Students

Germany attracts International Students

German government is passing a new legislation regarding Highly qualified workers coming and staying in the country, that there is a boon for the International students to study. Through this, the students who are completing their higher studies in that country are supposed to stay in the country for sometime even after their studies.
As per the previous legal rule, the students who are studying in German University can stay in that country for approximately 12 months after finishing their studies. But now looking for oppurtunities at graduate level is now increased to 18 months.
Through this, while searching job at the graduate level,  the part time work which can be done for 90 days is extended as 120 days. You can work for hours or days together without getting permission from the German Federal Employment Agency.
The graduates are becoming qualified for getting Settlement Permit and they can get the endless accommodation rights after 2 years. In the current situation, a graduate is getting the right of staying there for 6 months when searching for job. These new changes are done for encouraging the researchers and the students coming from outside of the European Union.

Blue Card

The another change done in this new law is , along with work agreement, as per  the classification of education or qualified professional experts, can use the blue card till 4 years and can work with the minimum  salary of  35,987 American dollars .
Through this Blue card, one from the non European countries who is got higher technology qualification can work and live in the countries which will come in that union. But in these restriction Denmark, Ireland and Britain like countries will not come.
Moreover , the job oppurtunities for the family members related to this kind of people has become easier. They are not required to get permission from the German Federal Agency. Blue card holders are already qualified for the immigration clearance even after 2 or 3 years.

The world is in your hand

In the recent years, there are changes in the students trip for the  worldwide study . Several students are seeking new educational institutions  in the countries like Europe and Singapore. Visa rules which are made complicated, less job oppurtunities and social insecurity like reasons are making the places which attracts the international students has lost its beauty.
Nowadays, in Europe, Germany has become a hub for attracting international students. There are several main reasons for this. The International Degree Programme IDP which is taught in English , course fee concessions and social security are important in that. As of THES Survey 2011 has got first place in the list of international countries for Higher education.
In Germany, for the International students, freedom is sustained for the job opportunity is also a reason. This situation , is not mentioned for globalization alone. Alternately, it is  helping for the better cooperation in the international level.
In the past 2011, 2,52,032 international students studied in Germany. This is the count of 12% of the students studying higher education in the country.
Though Germany is being an expensive country, Second hand shops are made in several university cities in the way of getting household things, furnitures, computers and other appliances  in a lesser rate.
 In the Engineering and science sectors, or half of the full-scale range of approximately 300 international degree courses taught in English in this country. In this country, University of Stuttgart, University of Regensburg, Technical University of Berlin and University of Duisburg Essen like universities are important and the best . In the educational institutions of Germany, the teachers and the students ,are involving in the research activities , right from the starting period of education is a special feature.

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