Victoria University

Victoria University
Victoria University is having 7 departments in its 4 campuses. Among hundreds of courses, this is providing several degree courses with International recognition. This university’s teaching plan, Leadership, communication skills, creativity and gives importance to technical ideas. This university is being NewZealand’s important research Kendra. Every year totally 21,000 students are getting admission in this university. Among those 3,000 foreign students are from more than 90 countries.
Courses offered in this university
Bachelor degrees
Engineering, Law including professional courses are available and Arts courses are also available. Most of the non professional courses of bachelor’s degree are for 3 years. In this minimum 1 major subject is required.
In Victoria degrees, Points method is being followed. So in order to finish the degree, particular level of points should be obtained.
Major is a specialist subject of a degree. For example, in arts course, History would be the major subject. In science course , physics would be the major subject. In most of the degrees one or two major subjects are being allowed.
Dual and Integrated degrees
A student can study two degree courses at a time. Many are going ahead with this dual degrees. For example Bachelor of law can be matched with bachelor of arts course. It will take 5 years to finish off this dual degree.
Integrated degree is one which is carried by the high potential students. This integrated degrees are provided in Teacher education, Business and science subjects.
Master courses
For joining Master’s degree in Victoria university, good marks is to be secured in the bachelor’s degree. Added to that, the subject branch taken in the bachelor’s degree can be taken in the master’s degree also. Generally all the applications will be considered. Moreover this university is providing Doctorate degree in several departments.
Degree Diploma
This diploma is helpful to qualify themselves for those who wish to do Master’s degree, at the same time, those who are not much knowledgeable in the bachelor’s degree subject.
Bachelor Honors Degree
This opportunity is available for those who are performing well in the bachelor’s degree.
Master’s Diploma
Victoria university is providing Master’s degree in arts and science courses. This facility is not available currently in other types of subjects.
Master Degree Course
For Joining in Master’s degree, good subject knowledge is required. This course is developing the student’s ability of research. There is every need for each and every course.
Doctorate Degree course
For getting this degree, minimum 3 years full time hardwork is required. For knowing about victoria university’s doctorate degree, visit the website,
Leadership and student transfer courses
Leadership course is one which obtains prize and it is a selfknowledgeable one. This kind of courses are fulfilling the foreign education experience.
In this course several features are available including seminar. All the students studying in victoria university can do this. Through this a better relationship is coming in between the domestic and foreign students.
For more details about this visit the website, .
Added to that student transfer program is also available in this university.
International Cooperation
Victoria university is having educational cooperation with the educational institutions of China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam like countries. Through this the professors and the students of this university are getting benefited.
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Foundation studies plan is also available in this university.
Added to that , there are syllabus plans in order to develop the English knowledge of the foreign students.
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Architecture and Design courses
Victoria university is a best choice for doing Architecture course.
This university is famous in NewZealand for this course. In this course, Bachelor of Architectural course, Bachelor of Architectural science, Bachelor of design and creativity, Certificate of Architectural Environment, Degree of diploma in Architectural Environment, Degree of Diploma in Creativity and Design , History of Architecture and Master of Theorial Diploma , Master of Architecture, Master of Architecture (Professional) , Master of civil and science, Master of Design and Creativity, Master course in Interior decoration, Artificial park (Landscape), Doctorate degree like several courses of Architecture are provided by this university.
There are some special features in this course. For more details about those , visit the website, and
For more details about Business and Management courses provided by this university, visit the website,
For details about education related course provided by this university, visit the website,
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For details regarding Anthropology and social science courses provided by this university , visit the website,
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Several types of scholarships are provided in Victoria university. Scholarship for Doctorate degree research, International Doctoral Research Scholarship, Victoria Masters Scholarship, Victoria Graduate Award, International Bachelor’s degree fees scholarship, Commonwealth scholarship, American financial assistance like several scholarships are provided.
For more details about all these , visit the websites, and .
In this university, several fees are collected for several types of courses. For a clear detail about those fees , visit the website ,
Student Health Plan
For the Students who are coming to NewZealand newly , Victoria university is having several plans of adapting to that new environment. To know about accommodation facilities, to know about the features of getting help, to know about medical facilities, and to know about other day to day life facilities, visit the websites,
To know about NewZealand’s Accomodation facilities , visit the website ,

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