Engineering in Singapore and Germany

Engineering in Singapore and Germany

Among the selected foreign countries for doing Engineering, Singapore and Germany like countries are in the important place. As there are special features in these country’s education and because of the job oppurtunities after the course people are attracted by these countries.  Here are listed the features of those 2 country’s Engineering courses.


As Singapore’s education is being popular worldwide, and also it is nearer to India, this has also got the name of safest country, as there is  less education fees being collected , lots and lots of job oppurtunities available, Singapore education has got a very good popularity among the Indian students particularly the Engineering course.

The Admission procedures in this country’s universities are very easy. Comparing with the other western countries, the qualification exam for students visa is easy ,is also important. The tuition fees for a year is from S$24,000 till S$30,000. The education scholarship for the foreign students are also available.

National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Mangement University are the 3 local universities which provide several recognized courses. Added to that, several famous foreign universities are also having their campuses here.  The Engineering courses in these countries are specialized .
Joining Engineering in Singapore universities are depending on the students mark qualifications. This country’s Engineering courses are for 4 years. Though Every university is having the  different deadline of submitting the application, final decision is carried ahead after the 12th results are published.


European Union Countries, Machinery, Automobiles, Chemical and Electrical products and in the IT department , Germany is being India’s important partner. As there are more than 300 higher educational institutions in this country, this is being an important place for Science and Technology.

Special Features of German Education

  • Best Educational quality

  • Qualitative education is provided for the foreign students at the right cost. several colleges are getting fund from the government. Among the 16 states of the country, 11 states have not obtained their tuition fees in the past 2010.

  • In Germany no university is providing education scholarships. But several private and public organizations are having the plan of subsidies compensating day to day life expenses and books expenses.

  • After finishing the studies, training can be obtained along with important MNCs. Through this full time job oppurtunities will be available.

  • In Germany , After finishing the studies, the foreign students are allowed to stay additionally for one year or else for doing the job .

  • Many courses are taught in English. There is no necessity to know German language. In case if you wish to learn German , you can learn German language related subjects for free of cost.

  • As a foreign student, you can work for 90 full days or 180 half days in that country. This right is only for the campus jobs like American rules are not here.

  • A foreigner can get a permanent citizenship in German , if he works for 5 years full time in the same country.

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