Medical Course at Low Cost in China

Medical course at low cost – Indian students towards China

In India, studying Medicine at private colleges is expensive . In this stage there are increasing number of Indian students moving towards China.
In India for getting seat in government Medical colleges, Scoring Method is followed in some states and Entrance exam method is followed in so many states.  The students who are not able to succeed in all these are seeking private medical colleges. But the expense there are making so many people move back.
For the students who are not able to lose the dream of becoming a doctor and not able to manage the expenses , China has become a top target. For studying Medicine in a private college in India, approximately the expenses will be from 45 lakhs till 75 lakhs including donation with the course fees. But in China, for studying in a government Medical college, the expense is from 15 lakhs till 20 lakhs only. Because of this so many people are not hesitating to fly towards China.
It is not only the course fees is less. The students who studied there are indicating that the  infrastructure of the medical college, Quality of the Education, Technology, Qualification of the teacher and studying environment and all are being better.
Chinese government is encouraging the foreign students who are coming and studying in their country. In the past 2009 and 2010 , respectively 60 and 80 Indian students joined in Chinese Medical colleges. That count has been increased as 100 in 2011. In china, donations are not collected like Indian Private Medical colleges.
Previously, for the foreign Medical course, America, England and Australia like countries were being very popular among  the Indian students. But the expenses are very high in these places and so students started searching some other places.In America, for the 5 years medical course, costs upto  1 crore is the information given by the educational counsellors.
South Indian students are studying more in China. Chinese medical colleges are having separate batches for their country students and the foreign students.  Practising language is English for the foreign students.
The Indian students who have studied MBBS in China and returning back  , are carrying ahead their Medical Master’s course.  Though there is a necessity of practising Chinese language for the foreign students in order to speak to the patients, in that country approximately 50 universities are providing medical course in English. .
Post to United states, England and Australia , the fourth target for the students who wish to study Medicine is in China. For  the less expense Medical course,  though Georgia, Ukkrain Usbegisthan, Ajarbaijaan and Philippines are popular, China is in the leading position in attracting the Indian students. Once upon a time, everyone know that , for less expense Medical course , Russia was in the leading place in attracting the students. But for so many reasons including racismb Russia has lost that place and it is been several years.
The students who are coming out studying MBBS in china, for getting practice in India should clear the screening test conducted by National Examination Board under the guidance of Indian Medical Council,
Though Indian Private Medical Colleges are collecting high fees ,  the quality of so many colleges are not good. Those colleges are not worrying about the quality. So China is being a good change for the Indian students.
Recently , Uttarpradesh government has started the process of hiring  the doctors who studied in China for the remote rural villages.



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