Why Foreign Students Prefer Germany ?

The reason for Increasing number of foreign students in Germany

Germany is having more than 2,40,000 foreign students. Through this Germany stands third in being an attracting country for the foreign students.

Germany’s cars and heavy machineries are world famous one. Automotive manufacture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and chemical Engineering are Germany’s four main business departments.

Main Field

Automotive manufacture is a key Industry for the Germans. Research and development improvement expenses of 30% is going for this department.

Bio Technology

On an unprecedented scale, fast-growing biotechnology sector in the country , till now there are approximately 29,000 members are given job. Biotechnology research is one which in the recent days, Medicine, Food Technology and chemistry has become one of the basic fields.


The Universities of Germany , educational institutions without universities, Companies and public organizations, actively engage in research fields. The important research organizations are Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Applied) ad Academies of science (Basic Sciences).

Factors which attract

Low education fees (EUR 300 - 500 per semester),Research related Education plan, industry internship, education, post-fixed work visa, study after high salary job, English education, part-time work permission and high quality of life, are the factors which attract foreign students towards Germany.

More Indian students

In the past 2011, more number of Indian students selected Germany for doing Master’s Degree. Added to this in the recent days, several German Universities are providing English way of Education at free of cost.
Foreign students studying in Germany is having the job opportunity in that country’s organization itself. To attract foreign students, various efforts are undertaken on behalf of that country. Germany with the existing green card system, in addition, legislation passed by the European Union Blue Card ,Germany is the first European country.

Visa Procedures

Through VFS Global services, the permission for personal interview should be obtained from the German Embassy. This VFS Global service is governing German Application centers. For more details about this , visit www.vfsgerman.co.in .

Along with the application of student visa , it is important to check whether all the required documents are submitted properly.


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