Seeking Guide for Studying in Abroad?

Seeking guide for studying in abroad?

Many people have the desire to study in foreign educational institutions. Many  educational consultants provide information related to it. There is no problem in getting the guidance. There is problem only with whether we are getting guidance from the right person? Indian student got seat in an Australian educational institution. After six months only that student came to know that he is not interested in that field. This happened because of they have got the guidance from a wrong person and joined in the related educational institution.

Self planning is essential

Self planning is essential before seeking for a guide. Decide about your interested subject and department. Feel the importance and reason for selecting the field. Your interest on college or university. What are all the added advantages of the college you have chosen? What is your target of studying in abroad? Where would you wish to stay and study in that country? How is your financial evidence for studies? Ask all these questions to yourself. If you do not have answers for all these fundamental questions it means you are in a wrong initiation.

Most of the students wish to get everything easily. Nothing is equivalent to self planning. Indian students should change their attitude of developing themselves in others adjustments is the opinion of British council Delhi Branch Manager Munish Guptha.

If there is a critical decision in the department you choose , you can get a good higher education in that field. A third party’s guidance is not required. But in case you are seeking for a guide, use their service. Do not depend on them fully.

If you meet the guide with a clear approach, ask him about the educational scholarships provided by the institution you have selected and also whether some other institutions are also providing the course which you have selected like all other information. Students you all have the  clear understanding about all the needs, you can identify the right advisor who will take you to the right place. If not you will be the money giving tree for that person.

How to find an honest adviser?

First a honest advisor will come to know about the department you wish to study. After that he will enquire about marks or qualification. Along with your wish and understanding capacity in the department, he will check with your financial background. He will discuss about the subjects related to that department. He will encourage you to collect some details and will make you keep in direct touch with the related  educational institution. If you are suitable for studying Bio Engineering he will never guide you to study MBA.
He  will recommend you and will never speak business to join in a particular college. He will not give advertisements for that particular college also.

Identification of Invalid advisors

These persons will first check with your marks. After that they will recommend about some of the colleges from the list of colleges they have. Some will act like an agent  for some particular educational institutions. They will recommend the subjects which costs more. Because they will get commission through that. Some educational institutions are providing agent commission from 5 to 7% in the educational fees.
Some are getting 3,000 American dollars as commission. They will never recommend the colleges which is with less fees. That is a business for them, that is it. They will look at their income alone. They will not recommend qualitative colleges even if you have scored good marks. Because they will not be the agent for that particular college.

Agents are not the right choice

If you go to the agents for counselling , your choice of colleges will be within a limited circle. You may get seat in a very normal college. Those college seat will involve in sales. You may select a wrong curriculum. The agent may lie regarding the job oppurtunities post your studies. They will exaggerate. He will not prepare you to adapt to the cultural environment of the country.  You will need to overcome more life and travel expenses.

Therefore, you do not summarize all of the opportunities. Do not be a person of selecting colleges from the agent’s list. In these kind of situations self planning alone will lead. Keep one thing in mind, without self planning, a third person’s advise will never be a benefit.

Some Warnings

America, England and other European countries have not yet recovered fully from the economic recession. In this situation it is difficult for the Asians to get employment. The priority is being given for the own country people. You can work according to your own qualification. If you are an engineer you need to work related to that. You cannot work in a retail trading company or some other jobs.

If you think that you have joined in a wrong educational institution or if you are not interested in that field, it is very difficult to switch over to other college. So it is important to select the right college at the beginning itself.
Additional information about America and England     
You need to decide about joining and studying there only after understanding about the academic culture of England. British council which is the part of British government is providing the official information about England education. In Delhi British Council hall every Wednesday they are clearing about England education. This is for free of cost. Parents are also allowed.

Special guests are invited from several educational institutions in specific intervals and they are conducting education exhibition. Have some planning in mind while going for that exhibition. Go with unique questions and ask them the information which is not available on the internet. Do not forget to take your copies of educational certificates.

British council is established some agents and partners list in its website. But all of them are not registered by the British government. The agents  who have got the license alone will provide you the right information.
According to American educational institutions United States - India Educational Foundation (USIEF) provides enough information. Through this toll free number 18001031231 , from Monday till Friday 2:00 p.m till 5:00 p.m you can get information in both Hindi and English languages.

Visit website for details about recognized British educational institutions. For American educational institutions visit and . Do not believe the agents who promise to get you the American visa easily. Because the officials will be very careful in this matter. Once if visa is rejected, it is very difficult to get it again.

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