Studying in Abroad – Require to Think

Studying in Abroad – Require to think

Going abroad for higher studies is considered as a matter of prestige. That too , getting seat in the university expected along with the expected department , there will be no limit for the happiness of the student.But we need to look into the advantages and drawbacks of that.Before going to abroad for higher studies , some important features are to be kept in mind.This is not only connected with the student but also with the parents.

Finance Related

In foreign education especially in the developed western countries the expenses will be more when we go for higher studies.Keeping leg in front and not able to manage it should not be there.On the basis of qualification , eventhough the scholarship plans for the foreign students are in practice, only few can obtain it.

Moreover the country we choose and our country’s money value difference is to be kept in mind.More than that in some countries the cost of living will be a manageable one and in some countries it will be very high. Place will not available in the university hostel for all the students.The students and the parents should clearly plan accordingly.

A clear estimation about the expenses like flight ticket for the country we choose to go for studies , university fees or college fees, accomodation and food expenses and maintenance fees and all should be there.


In the past years, in Australia, Indian students who has led to a series of racist attacks, several different questions raised in India regarding the safety of foreign education .Moreover In England some Indian students death news came.Because of this  the parents who are sending their children for higher studies started scaring more about this.

Most of the parents like to send their children to the country where their relatives or close friends live in . This is also a reason for  safety. In the safety measures the parents will be more worried than the students. In a particular country the parents are investigating regarding the safety of their children and based on that they are taking a decision.At the same time for the safety  reasons ,most of the parents do not like to object the studies of their children.

To get used to

In a new country, not practised cultural environment,a student getting used to will come in this category. The climate of the country, living environment, food habit, interacting correctly are very important.
Because some people may get sick. For some people food may not disagree with. some may not able to bare about thy get separated from their parents and living in a long distance, family oriented people may find difficulties in living separately.

Parents and students should think about all these only when the student is in a situation of going to abroad for higher studies.After getting a confidence of managing all these you can continue arranging for this.
You will have a sweet experience! Source of knowledge!

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