Attracting America

Attracting America

America is still retained the first place of attracting foreign students for their studies. so many reasons are given for that. Normal conditions for teaching, broad experience, the best education plan are the important reasons. Moreover today in the world level,  in the listed 100 best universities 60% of the universities are from America is the important reason why students have an invasion towards that. So that only though if America’s economy is down , the count of students going towards that country for their studies has not reduced. That country’s educational environment is with freedom, practical and knowledgeable . All these information are informed by some particular counselling centers including foreign educational systems.
Alternate chances ; community colleges

There are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in America. Those are divided into 3 categories. 

1. Community colleges
2.Private universities
3.Public universities

Bachelor’s degree is for 4 years in America. This 4 years course is only prioritized among several Indian students.

There is another way apart from these course. That is getting auxiliary degree in science and arts department. Community colleges are providing this 2 years auxiliary degree course. This is a better alternate way for the students who are not able to spend much money in the foreign countries. Moreover, the fees for the community colleges are less compared to other private and public educational institutions.
It will take less time for getting seat in community colleges and the competition for this is also less. Students can finish off their 2 years course in the community colleges and they can seek a job for themselves or else they can join in the 4 years bachelor’s course directly from the third year. Several community colleges are providing the courses which will be easy for the students to join in the other American educational institutions.

Moreover , students can get their degree in the distance education method. But comparing with Indian educational institution’s distance education, this is very expensive. Before selecting a college or course in US, students should never fail to know about the recognition of the course.

Applying for the admission

Students should start the prior arrangements before 14  to 18 months  of joining the selected university or college where the admission process starts. Depending on the educational institution the expenditure per year will be from $18,000 till $50,000.

The most preferred courses are Engineering, computer science and Bio technology .At the same time there is demand for those who have done special course in Aerospace engineering , environment engineering and civil departments.

Admission procedure

According to American educational institutions, students educational documents are very important. Every educational institution is having their own rules and regulations. For joining in the bachelor’s degree , 9th and 12th classes certificates and performances will be verified. For joining the master’s degree , 4 years bachelor’s degree certificates and performances will be verified.

Qualitative exam marks, TOEFL exam marks , the credit documents in the extra curricular activities apart from studies , recommendation letters are some important features which help the students to get seat in the American educational institutions.
Financial assistance and subsidies
It is a very competitive matter for the foreign students to get subsidies in American educational institutions. Full or partial financial assistance will be available. Partial financial assistance will be provided based on the educational performance of the students.

Internship and Job Oppurtunities

For completing the required Internship, a student should have got the Course’s Practical Training recognition , Optional Practical Training recognition after finishing the course. only then the student can work in that country till 12 months after finishing the studies. At the same time students can get the extension for 17 months. This opportunity is available for the students who have got bachelor’s or master’s degree in Science , Technology Engineering and Mathematics  subjects.

The best job oppurtunities are available for US degrees. Particularly better oppurtunities will be available  in India, China and Singapore.

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