Engineering in Abroad(USA and Australia)

Engineering in Abroad

There are various reasons for a student wishes to go to abroad for studying engineering. Generally developed  western countries are introducing the new inventions in particular field and providing extensive research oppurtunities. Recently , Hongkong and Singapore like Asian countries are being familiar for education based on experience, international approach and better job oppurtunities. Global companies have started to recognize the importance of international education. People want to study in foreign universities, also because of unavailability of the preferred engineering colleges in India.

Since countless foreign universities are available the students are confused in choosing the college. There is confusion also in where to go among the abroad countries America, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Newzealand, Germany, Japan .  several International educational institutions are having a global cooperation related to education. Long term plans, Job oppurtunities, Teaching languages, approaching facilities, expenditures like everything necessary for a  student  to keep in mind while taking decision of studying in abroad.

Admission Procedures

Though Every foreign university is having a separate admission procedures, some procedures are being common for all. Those common features are given below.

For joining in the bachelor’s degree, you should have finished the authorised school higher secondary education in the country where you are applying for the university . Generally CBSE, IB like standard school education are acceptable. According to your school education documents, you will get more prioritization if you have other certificates along with marks.

English knowledge is much important when going for countries like America, Britain, Canada, Australia, Newzealand.  So you should have written TOEFL and IELTS like exams and required marks should have obtained.

In order  to study Engineering it is well known for all of us that Mathematics is an important subject in school curriculum. But some universities are saying physics and chemistry is also important along with this mathematics. Completing a business degree in India and choosing and studying  bachelor of computer science course in U.S is also being the habit of the students.

Most of the foreign universities are expecting the students to have cleared SAT1 and SAT2 exams. Particularly American universities are looking this as a common qualification .
Any of the foreign university , is considering the students mark list along with the certificate of extra curricular activities as important. So the students who are dreaming about studying in abroad should pay extra attention in this.

In some countries it is determined that the minimum age is 18 for joining in the bachelor’s degree.

Becoming Ready for the Admission

If you wish to do Bachelor of Engineering in any of the foreign university, you should start selecting that when you are studying 10th standard itself. You would need to apply before your 12th examination results are published.  So , in that case , the marks you have secured in your 11th standard will get more importance. So you should not take 11th standard exams very normally. That marks is alone determining your destiny in such circumstances.

Before selecting a foreign university,

The relation between your future plan and the curriculum
The recognition of the particular educational institution
Duration of the course
Job oppurtunities post studies
Like features should be kept in mind.

As the online application systems being very popular it is being easier for applying in the foreign universities. Almost all the universities are expecting the applicant’s educational certificates and other related documents, the recommendation letter obtained from the teachers, separate notices and financial evidences .
It is better to go through the official website of the related university before applying.

Currently , let us see the admission procedures of some of the major universities.


Each and every university and college in this country is having  separate admission procedures. Before selecting an American educational institution, it is important to check about its recognition. The Engineering courses in U.S are valued and recognized by the Accreditation board for Engineering and Technology (ABET system). The Important feature in this is , this system is valuing only the course not the educational institution which is to be listened. Some departments may be recognized and some may not be in one educational institution itself.

America’s Bachelor of Engineering courses are generally 4 years but still some educational institutions are providing 5 years combined courses. Research facilities and training are available at the time of doing bachelor’s course itself. There are so many facilities in selecting engineering courses. For choosing important departments, SAT1 and SAT2 exam marks are important. Bachelor’s courses are coming to an end based on the required marks are obtained ,and not depending on the number of years you have studied.

The Education fees are varying from one college to the other. Approximately one year expenses are from 20,000 USD till 45,000 USD. Education scholarship plans are also available. For getting the scholarships, the financial evidences explaining the family economic situation is necessary. At the same time, obtaining the financial assistance from the educational institution may reduce the chances of getting the admission. Because there are some issues in this.

The students who are doing Bachelor of Engineering course in this country , after finishing their course, they can stay in USA additionally till 29 months in order to get personalized training.


Studies in Australia is attracting Indian students in the past 20 years. (still in the middle there are some issues) Best research facilities, International recognition for the courses of this country are the important features which attract the students. For joining in the Bachelor’s degrees in Australia, Australian senior secondary educational certificate or Internationally qualified same level educational certificate ( for example Indian Higher secondary 12th standard educational certificate) any one of these should have obtained.

Students are expected to have scored minimum 60% marks. Generally , students are asked to prove their English fluency by writing IELTS like examination. At the same time, this kind of English language exams should have written not exceeding 24 months before applying. If it is long back, that will not be taken  into account.

This exams marks are taken as important in several Australian universities. Students who wish to join Engineering, should have studied  mathematics in their high school and higher secondary divisions for 4 years.
This country’s Engineering course is for 3 years. The expenses are from A$9,000 till A$14,000 per year. Educational scholarship is also available for Indian students. You need to pay your tuition fees in advance as a foreign student.

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