HongKong Studies Confluencing in East and West Directions

HongKong studies confluencing in east and west directions

Hongkong university is one of the famous universities of the world. In several surveys ,this university is estimated as the best among the world best 50 universities. At the same time ,not only on the basis of surveys, this university is familiar on multi cultural flexibility is also one of the important reasons.Here, the cultures of west and east is well confluencing.

The HongKong city is one of the international financial centers. We can see  many multinational companies are taking their operations part over here. HongKong is a being a bridge to carry out their business activities in China’s other main and central parts among the other countries of the world .The city is playing a key role in the business activities and also it holds numerous  job oppurtunities.

Advanced Teaching

The colleges particularly, University of HongKong and HongKong university of science and technology provides high quality teaching ,greater employment oppurtunities and it has the improved features of international standard atmosphere.

Working as a team , like projects and presentation makes the learning process a qualitative one.In classes small groups are offered. The students are free to disclose their views and they are getting the chances of participating in detailed group discussion .Moreover according to hongkong there is no scarcity of technical facilities.

Duration of studies

Most of the master courses , in terms of full time study are completed in 3 years. Specialised departments or joined courses may take 4 years. Some students from outside hongkong , making themselves for their graduate courses, can do Foundation Year. But Hongkong educational institutions are planning to implement the American system where the undergraduate courses require 4 years to complete.

To finish the Post graduation courses it requires one or two years.In Hongkong , Indian students are interested in engineering and business related courses. several International organizations are being familiar and having flagship flight in hongkong, students are gaining a better possible experience in taking business courses.

Academic Year

In Hongkong , academic year has two seasons.One season is from September first week till December last week , another season is from the middle of January till may . Public holidays will be compensated at the end of the semester.

Public holidays in hongkong is 12 days. In the first year , orientation classes for the students will be conducted in the end of august month. The qualification for the master degrees will change according to the course we apply.

When and how to apply?

Generally the last date that you need to apply is the date prior to a semester. Moreover check regarding the last date to apply in the educational institution where you like to join . Enquire and know well regarding this.
Qualified Indian students , under the plan of NON JUPAS , applying for studying in Hongkong educational institutions.This plan is for the students who are outside of hongkong. Students who are qualified in the international level are applying  in this plan.

Applications through online are to be filled in one time . Because there is no provision to save the application. so before applying it is better checking with the required documents and other features. For some courses , your documents from grade 9 to grade 12 will be required. Recommendations are not surely required. At the same time school counsellors recommendations will help you.

Some educational institutions will conduct written examination. This will give you an opportunity of mentioning things which are not in your application or documents.

Admission procedure

To apply for under graduation courses, the students have to study 12th std. Students should submit their TOEFL or IELTS exam marks to prove their English fluency.SAT exam is not mandatory but still if the student had written it ,for sure the marks are to be submitted to the related educational institution. Through this your application will be strengthened.

According to the post graduation course, the student has to apply when he/she is in the final year of the undergraduate course. Hongkong is accepting the 3 years undergraduate course qualification in India.According to MBA Admission , minimum 2 years work experience and GMAT marks are required.

Fees and Expenses

For the Undergraduate course the expenses will be from 17,100 american dollars till 17,706 american dollars. For the post graduation course the expenses will be from 9,675 american dollars till 17,500 american dollars. City university of hongkong , monthly living expense will be from 774 american dollars till 1,129 american dollars is estimated. Food , accommodation and public expenses are also  included in this.
According to MBA, the expense is 51,471 dollars. For the international students several scholarship programs are there. The details of these will be in the website of the particular educational institutions. The amount will differ for every scholarship.


After accepting the admission invitation, the related educational institution itself will help the student to get the visa.That educational institution , as a sponsor sends the concerned student’s application to the hongkong immigration department.

This department is doing the related paper works.This includes the documents related to finance. This department requires minimum 6 weeks time.

Job Oppurtunities

Your student visa will be useful only for the studies and not for doing the job.For the Students doing full time studies ,Not less than one year , there is some relaxation. From 2008-2009 academic year , studies related internships,the students are allowed to do campus jobs or summer jobs. Those details,,
In case of part time campus jobs, for the whole year the students are allowed to work for not less than 20 hours  for a week.
During summer , there is no limit the students have full rights to work.

HongKong life

Eventhough HongKong is a part of china , long time it was under the control of Britain.so here is a strong multicultural life. Foreign students, especially Indians are easily used to HongKong life. The students are getting a special guidance from the professors.
HongKong people accept all the international level students with a smiled face. HongKong is being a place of cultural confluence of west and east. Here the students can gain a global experience. In order to broaden the knowledge the students can participate in  several  activities.
It is bit difficult to practice with the food habit there but still using it day to day it can be easily practiced. so this is the time to avoid unnecessary hesitations to go and study in HongKong.

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