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To do while studying MBA

Today there are so many graduate courses, still there is a special respect for MBA. Because there is a hope of getting a good job after completing MBA. There is no need to say that the educational institutions offering the course has understood this. Thereby  in the past decades the cost of studies for MBA is increased. At the same time , students who would like to study MBA need to be clear in one thing. Will there be a right effect for the amount and the time spent? Is that.

MBA’s Value

The concept of value, may vary from person to person. In the Indian context it can be as follows. They are,
1. Oppurtunity to work with dying – salary, posting or working with a company is measured.
2. Skills and knowledge derived and its variations.
3. Contacts(connections)improved depth and its variations.
4. MBA degree stamp
4. Being a student for one or two years.

In the above cases, if 4th or 5th or both the aspects is your wish, you need not think much.generously you can join in the available place for MBA. At the same time those who give importance for the first three aspects has to think. Those features are just subject matter knowledge only but still ,that knowledge is not there for most of the people is the fact.

Drowning in books

MBA is not just making yourself immerse in books. It is difficult to conduct a business on keeping the overview of the studies in the classroom. Today’s MBA institutions are giving importance for case work, Hands on projects and group activities. You can see this reflecting often in your project’s score. your project will get high weightage than the weekly quizzes.

So show interest in projects and be best in completing that.These projects will provide you the skills required for  your real life. Where do i get these projects might be a doubt for you. The only way for this is your professors. They will help you in getting the best projects.The MBA educational institutions which has a good contact with the business organizations will help their students to get best projects.

Networking is not a bad word....

In a business school , while studying various contacts will be created. Sharing a dining table in a hostel and staying together are important. Through this inspiration by others and exchanged assistance will be there.
It would be even better if you are a lovable person by all and with flexibility. Moreover at this time you should not ignore your professors. They will be helpful for you in so many ways. Apart from this , establishing contacts with the former students, industry professionals, Companies  coming for campus interview in college campus with a clear vision of oppurtunities that are spread out in front of you.Your dreams can be avoided thereby.So networking is not simply that.

Concentrate more when studying

Probably MBA education may be your  last educational institution in your life. Therefore study well and score good marks in that 2 years. Do not forget  the fact that In India industrial organizations when evaluating your applications will give more importance for your marks.

Internship is also important...

In such an Uncertain economic environment of our country Internship is most important.This feature is to ensure one’s work. This is called as pre placement offer. In case that particular company is not able to give you a permanent job opportunity you can go for a better internship you can get a recommendation letter from the internship manager. This letter will greatly help you in the job market.

Extra curricular activities

Taking part in your campus placement cell will help you get an important place in the business development activities. Through this you will receive a variety of contacts with the key people.

Students to arrange festivals, participating in the clubs will help you improve the performance of your team and project management. Participating and achieving in many different competitions ,and quizzes will provide cash prizes adding to that will increase your variety of skills.Such activities when added in your CV will give you an advantage and provide you an opportunity of getting a good job.

Obtaining International Experience

Participating in the student exchange programs held in the campus through which International experience will be obtained. For getting these offers the college you choose is very important. Because the student exchange programs will be held only in popular and famous colleges. At the time of student exchange if you get a project or Internship it would be like a studded crown as a sparkling diamond. But According to this exchanging activity another one thing is also to be kept in mind. A student who is participating in student exchange program in many business schools is losing his/her other responsibilities. so your decision should be sensible.

Through this student exchange activity , having contact with the students coming from foreign will give you better access to international knowledge. Moreover try to participate in the competitions conducted by some better standard International business schools and conferences .If you win in such a tournament  you will receive special assistance programs..

Initiative is important

Out of your subject, whereas on matters of your interest you can do some certification courses.It would be good if it is related to your MBA course.CFA in the financial sector is an example.
Learning a foreign language and writing a research paper will enhance your qualifications.

 Best Experience

If you have any plan regarding what you are going to do after finishing MBA or where you are going to work will make you work towards that in your learning period.If you donot have any such plans you can plan relaxing yourself in this two years.For that you need not sacrifice all your student age happiness.Enjoying all the happiness you can improve you skills.In short,During your studies you should concentrate on getting a better experience.

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