Netherland – Europe’s Gate

Netherland – Europe’s Gate

Netherland is called as Europe’s gate .As this is a Dutch country it is also called as Holland by many people. Holland is a part of Netherland. Here are the number of immigrants from countries with multi cultural population settled and so currently apart from Dutch language , English is widely spoken. Netherland which contains several historical events and the national language of this country is Dutch.

Dutch higher education system is internationally a familiar one.12 Universities of Holland took place in the selected best 200 universities globally. The education system here will be in the way of finding solution to the problems individually and in a way to emulate human behaviour.

In Netherland, Research universities and universities of applied sciences are the two types of higher education institutions. Research universities is providing the research related studies as a self employment oriented courses .science process skills universities are providing the arts and science related studies with the skills required for job .

According to the Dutch education system information ,In Netherland ,1500 types international syllabus are provided in English .


In the university hostels  and out of the campus  , the accommodation will be provided by the dutch higher education station. According to the recent study , the expense to stay in Amsterdam is less compared to Newyork, London, Paris and Beijing cities.

 According to the food it would be cheap if we cook and eat.


Apart from the studying period , permission for the correspondence to stay for one year to seek job will be provided. After getting the job , according to that , the staying duration’s permission can be extended.


Those who wish to study in Netherland should have written IELTS or TOEFL Exam.

Applying day

The students admission will be in the months of September and February.

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