Studies in Eurasian Countries

For the Students Going to Study in Eurasian Countries

Indian government is advising the students who are doing higher studies or who would wish to do higher studies in Eurasian countries to select the course and the educational institution very carefully.
Central government has issued this notification due to the increased interest among the Indian students for studying in colleges and universities of Eurasian countries which provide short term courses including medicine.

Some universities or educational institutions are located in Eurasian countries where law and order is disrupted. Such educational institutions is not conducive to foreign students.

There are several  non recognized universities and courses. The certificates provided by these kind of educational institutions are not accepted by the other countries of Eurasian continent.

Russia, ukkrain, Belaras, Armenia, Ajarbaijan, Kazakasthan, kirkisthan,Tajikisthan, Turkmenisthan, uzbegisthan, Georgia  are the countries of Eurasia continent.

Students who wish to do their  higher studies in any of these countries should check whether this is the safest place for their lives, whether the educational institution you are joining is a recognized one, the course is approved, whether the quality of education is good, it is better to know everything before joining . This is the advice given by the central ministry to the students.

Eurasia continent is a separate one. Visa and permission is to be obtained separately for this. Do not join in the university through any of the brokers.
In Kirkisthan, which is in Eurasian continent 100 Indian students were rescued after the inconvenience. Central Government has informed that the Indian officials who have been working in that part had taken back again .

Therefore the central government is advised that the Eurasian continent is being filled with disqualified places of education where students who wish to do higher studies should be very careful.

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