Studies in Japan – Lot of Job oppurtunities

Studies in Japan – Lot of Job oppurtunities

It is a world known thing that Japanese are technically expertise in all these fields Life Science, Robotics, Automobile, Aerospace, Electronics and Green Technology. The chances for Research in the field of Science and Technology is overwhelming in this country.

This country alone has got totally 18 nobel prizes as for Physics 7, chemistry 7, Literature 2, Medicine 1 and Peace 1.Moreover Japan has also got Three Fields Medals which is considered as nobel prize in Maths field.

Innovative center

Among all the Asian countries Japan was the fast grown country in technology and the economy thrived in the boom, now in the present case it is being the world’s third largest economy . Companies in Japan, their invention, are known for unique features such as management and quality control practices.

China and India are the power of Asia which are the developing countries in today’s environment, globally Japan has played an important political role. In Japan , the studies carried out in the fields of current events, economics, arts and anthropology, Asian countries and its impact on international relations and the whole world is about to take a deeper view.

Language is not an obstacle...

It is not necessary to be known for those who are going to Japan for studies. Currently Japanese higher education institutions are providing the bachelor’s degree till Ph.D courses in english. Similarly, there are no unnecessary procedures in the application process for studying in Japan. Adopting simple methods.

Depending on the course taking , the application procedures vary. Entrance exam is there for some courses. Japan universities are expecting TOEFL marks . And in some other time , GRE and GMAT marks are also required.


The fees charged by Japanese higher education institution is less compared to some other countries .Japan’s government, universities, corporations and Japan student services organization (JASSO) like such systems provide multiple benefits. Thus through this a foreign student can fulfil his/her own economic needs.

Job oppurtunities

In India there are more than 820 Japan companies. Automobile, Electronics and heavy machinery companies of that counry has started their production in India currently.

Apart from these , from advertisements till logistics several service centres are there. Japan government is to fulfil several infrastructure plans in India is providing official assistance. TMIC, TFC, Metro rail, Ring road plans including Hyderabad IIT are mentionable for that plans. So there are demand for people who know about Japan culture and technology. The demand will increase in future.

Moreover the number of engineering and science graduates in the country is not enough. So Japan’s companies are interested in taking foreign graduates for job. In this way, the respect for  the graduate from Japanese university is very special. Moreover ,someone who is proficient in Japanese language he can further increase his efficiency.

Learning Japanese culture

Foreign students who are studying in Japanese universities can learn that country’s painting, calligraphy, cultural music and several cultural features. At the same time, the, arrangements done by the university, can participate in the tour of inherent parts of the Japan.

Japan is an important country where world crime is much lower. Tokyo, Osaka, yoda like Japan’s biggest cities are very safe and there are best transport facilities for roaming around.

Applications for getting Japan visa

A valid passport
2 passport size photos which is taken in the last six months
2 Official visa applications which is available at embassies

Certification documents intended to visit

A copy of the certificate of a student who wants to pursue higher education enrollment company received
 The required documents which ensure the economic strength of the student  who is  going to study

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