Universities of NewZealand

NewZealand’s Universities

New Zealand is one of the leading countries in the South Pacific Ocean, is a beautiful country too. This is one of the targets for the students who would wish to go to abroad for their studies. Here are many famous universities. Each and every university is famous for different deparments .It is mentionable that only 8 universities are in this small country. Those are,

Auckland University

This is the very first university started in NewZealand. In this, Arts courses, Business courses, creative arts and industrial courses, academic courses, engineering studies, legal studies, clinical studies, scientific studies,Bachelors,Masters, Graduate diploma, Masters diploma, doctorate like so many stages the courses are provided.

According to arts subjects, the degree courses are offered in many divisions.

Canterbury University – Christchurch

Approximately , 70 visitors are coming to this university per year. Through this there is improvement in teaching field. In this university , thousands of foreign students are studying from the past 40 years. Currently, totally from 70 countries, more than 2000 students are studying.
This university is one of the very famous universities for studying the best bachelor’s degree in NewZealand.

Waikato University – Hamilton

Maximum of the students are from Asian – Pacific countries to this university but still students are coming from North America, Central East Countries, Germany, India and South Pacific Islands for studying. For doing courses related to management, this university is the best one to choose.

Massey University – North Palmerston – Wellington and Auckland
At the time of studies, the opportunity of involving in the best research activities, as well as the guidelines for this and other assistances are provided in this university. In abroad, it is having teaching and research cooperation. Because of this , this university is being very famous in NewZealand. This university is having the above mentioned three campuses.
Lincoln University – Christchurch
Always a great prioritized and highest rank which is occupied in human life is Agriculture. Through the success of that profession only the human race in this world is prolonging. Particularly For this Agriculture department, Lincoln university is handling several different courses and it is being very popular.
Otago University – Dunedin
This University is a very famous university in NewZealand for studying Medicine related courses.
Approximately 77,000 students who studied in this university are living in more than 120 countries. Apart from this , this university’s old students association is in some of the world’s major cities like London, Singapore, Sydney,Melbourne and cololombure.
Comparing with other universities of NewZealand, Otago University is having more number of students for the masters degree research. Students who have joined in the master’s course in 2011 is 4,000 in that 1,200 are doctorste students. For carrying forward the researches, several scholarships are provided by this university.
Victoria University – Wellington
This university is famous for doing architecture related courses. This university is having 40 research organizations and centers. Moreover this is having teaching and research cooperation in the domestic and overseas
AUT University – Auckland
This university is being the third biggest university in NewZealand. This university is Internationally recognized one. The degree holders from this university is getting more job oppurtunities comparing with other universities of NewZealand. Students admission are happening twice per year in March and July months. There are coordination with several industries.
This university is having the best research facilities. Individual classes as well as group discussions method sessions will also be there. Approximately 4,000 students are coming and studying in this university from more than 85 countries. This university has got Government Recognition of NewZealand. This university is having 3 campuses in Auckland.
Details of that
The above mentioned 8 universities are the universities in that country. Each and everyone of that is having a special feature.

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