Canterburry University

Canterbury University
NewZealand’s Canterbury University was established by the scholars of Oxford and Cambridge universities in the past 1873. The degrees provided by this university is recognized worldwide. The syllabus of this university is structured like providing intelligent independent, Professional skill and all in each and every department.
Moreover, the curriculum of this university is research based one. The professors of this university are expected to involve in research and to establish research articles. This university is having several agreements with several universities of the world.
Student Health Services
In this university, International student support, students association, recreation center, advisory programs including other several services are provided to the students. For more details regarding this visit the website,
Courses provided in this University
Bachelor’s courses
Arts courses(3 years), Business(3 years), Science(3 years) in this stages several courses are provided.
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Special Bachelor degrees
Bachelor Honors Engineering (4 years)
In this Chemistry and function, civil, computer, electrical and electronics, Forest, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Natural Fertility including several courses are provided. 
Bachelor of Fine Arts course (4 years)
In this Graphic design, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Print making and film including several courses are being taught.
Bachelor of Forestry Science (4 years)
 Natural resources and management and with business features total papers are there in this course. The degree holders of this course are getting job in the overseas for the forest tree breeding.
Management Act (4 years)
Legal firms, the degree holders of this course can get the job widely in government and private sectors. For entering into 2nd year of this course, the student has to have good performance in the first year.
Bachelor of Music degree (3 years)
The degree holders of this course are getting the job oppurtunities as Performers, Composers, Arrangers, technicians, Teachers and Administrators.
Bachelor of Social service (4 years)
The degree holders of this course are getting job oppurtunities in both private and government sectors Their jobs are in the areas of Planning, Management and Research like divisions. In this course for entering into 3rd year, the first 2 years performance will be valued.
Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy
In this course, importance is given for practical features. Post 3 years full time professional degree, this includes 1 year intermediate course. There are many definitions of eligibility for this course.
Bachelor of Education(Physical Education) courses
This degree holders are qualified for teaching hygienic education and outdoor education. In this course those who performed well for the three years are selected for the 4th year honors course,
3 years of Teaching and Learning (childhood stage) course is also there.
3 years of Teaching and Learning (Beginning stage) course is also there.
Bachelor Entertainment Hobby Practice course(3 years) This type of course is provided in NewZealand by this university alone. Through this course, you can engage yourself in several arts and sports activities.
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English Knowledge and Foundation courses
For Improving English knowledge and for developing several other basic qualifications, many events are conducted in this campus. For more details regarding this visit the websites, and .
Master Courses
In this university Engineering, Law including several professional courses and Master’s degree of that , Honors degree including masters course, Degree Diploma course, Masters diploma courses are provided.
Arts, Business, Communication disorders, education, Engineering, fine arts, forest, law, Music, science, Social work like courses are provided in several departments. Several qualification stages are there for these courses.
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Joining in the University
This university is having several steps for the students admission. Qualification of the students, getting the application, filling that, Applying and other activities , to know all about this visit the website,
To know more details about the scholarships of this university, visit the website
Apart from this, to know more details about the features of Canterbury university, visit the website

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